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Specialty Acts

Trick Rider Sophie Duch

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Sophie Duch is a 16 year old young lady from Stilwell, Oklahoma. She has been riding and competing in equestrian events since she was 3 years old. 2024 began her 7th year of her professional career in rodeo entertainment with Trick Riding, Roman Riding and Cowboy Mounted Shooting (Annie Oakley Act) where she has earned several Gold Buckles for Championship Dress Act.

Her most memorable performance was in September of 2019 when she had the opportunity to share the arena and spotlight with the late funnyman Lecile Harris.

Sophie has a “total package” performance for rodeo style events including: An Americana Opening Hippodrome style (standing up in the saddle); an Annie Oakley Wild West act which involves riding her horse as fast as she can and shooting balloon targets with a real Ruger .45 single action pistol and a long barrel shotgun John Wayne style. She highlights the act with a recreation of the famous Annie Oakley shot of shooting a balloon target over her shoulder & behind her with a mirror and a double barrel shotgun, just as Annie Oakley did in the Wild West Shows.

Sophie’s favorite show is her daredevil Roman Riding act with fire torches and a fire jump that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make your heart skip beats!! Sophie loves to meet, greet & make new friends everywhere she goes!!!

Follow her Facebook page, “Sophie Duch Trick Riding” or visit her website at:

Barrelman J.J. Harrison

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J. J. Harrison’s love of rodeo began in Okanogan, Wash. He continued his rodeo passion while he taught science and social studies for eight years. What makes Harrison a good rodeo clown isn’t that scripted humor or set jokes most clowns use. It’s the off the cuff stuff and spur of the moment quick wit that are his best attributes. Harrison believes “It’s all about making people feel good.” J. J. has performed at the National Finals Rodeo as well as six times to the RNCFR.

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